What you should know about Feast and Famine Diet

There are countless diet plans created that help a person to lose weight effectively. However, many individuals have difficulty in following these diet plans because of its strict plan and other scheduling concerns. If you are looking for an eating plan that will not only lose weight, but wants to enjoy eating in a feast, then, the feast and famine diet may be the right choice for you. The Feast and Famine diet is an eating plan that asserts to allow effective weight loss while enjoying a feast of eating foods for once in awhile.

The Feast and Famine diet is done by alternating long periods of fasting followed by short periods of feasting, in which you are permitted to eat whatever foods you want. The inclination towards fasting down naturally regulates the amount of calories to be taken throughout the day. In return, this method will lead to weight loss. The pattern of alternating short, periodic feast feedings and longer periods of fasting would most likely engage in weight loss. This will likely work on those people who had no concept of weight control issues or obesity-linked diseases, like diabetes.

The surprising thing behind this diet is that it doesn’t come with too strict rules, unlike other diet plans who have detailed and rigid diet plan. This means that the dieter is required to eat about 20 to 40 percent of the normal food intake on some days, while they can eat whatever they want on other days, as long as it’s healthy.

There are few simple rules to be considered when trying the Feast and Famine Diet:

During the first few days of famine, it is suggested that you should stick to just 500 calories on the fasting days to trigger weight loss. You can try pre-packaged shakes or meal replacements to prevent boredom and impatience in following the diet plan.
Then, you may start eating regular food on the remaining fasting days. You may resume eating regular food once you are in control with your food craving. Up to 35 percent of the recommended daily intake will help you lose weight. Eating 50 to 60 percent of the allowable daily intake helps you maintain your weight.
You can eat anything you want during your feast days, provided that you don’t binge eat. Make sure to include fruits and vegetables in your meals. It is necessary to enjoy these eating days to avoid getting bored on following the diet plan.

Lastly, drink lots of water and do exercise regularly. Monitor your weight for at least once a week, in the morning after a fasting day. This will won’t make you frustrated by normal weight variations.

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